WM Series Wireless Loudspeakers


The WM Series loudspeaker is the newest addition to the Axiim family of wireless loudspeakers. The WM loudspeakers use the WiSA compliant 24bit/96kHz HD wireless audio connection to eliminate speaker wires. Each driver in the loudspeaker receives it’s own dedicated audio power amplifier tuned specifically to match the driver for the ultimate sonic performance. The loudspeakers have finished Soft Touch end cap(s) and an aluminum trim finishing for an elegant presentation. The WM speakers use textiles complimented by visually pleasing aluminum embellishments and satin finishes.

The aluminum cast baskets used for the 5 inch drivers provide an extremely rigid frame for the acoustic motor structure. The baskets are optimized to reduce resonance by allowing rear wave airflow to freely move through the support frame. A competitive advantage aluminum cast baskets have, unlike stamped sheet metal frames, is they do not steal magnetic Bl from the air gap of the coil. The higher Bl results in a more linear and accurate driver.

A single wide angle surround 1 inch silk-dome tweeter accompanies every loudspeaker in the family. The wide angle surround was used to improve off axis response from a more traditional tweeter. The tweeter design uses a lightweight copper clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coil to create a high sensitivity motor that reduces moving mass without limiting power handling capabilities. The CCAW allows the tweeter to blend seamlessly with the 5 inch driver(s) to match tonal quality and balance the system's frequency response. A ferrite magnet was chosen for the ability to sink heat and improve cooling, enabling linear Bl field interaction between the magnet and coil motor structure.

  • Amplifiers - Acoustically matched 3-channel high efficiency Class D digital power amplifiers.
  • Enclosure Type - Sealed.
  • Tweeter - 1 in. fabric dome transducer.
  • Woofers - 5 in. mid-range driver.
  • Frequency Response - 80Hz-20kHz.
  • Power Supply - 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.
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